Welcome to my site! Permit me to say  that this compilation of a lot of those crazy thoughts, events, and experiences; mine and other people’s, just had to be put down in Black & White.

You can bet that I have heard a big DITTO from so many men and women on many of these short stories. The thoughts, actual feelings, and opinions are what they are. I didn’t make it all up. This book is about actual people who have been in love, frustrated, sometimes sad, angry,  or sometimes happy.  There is a whole range of emotions about love and sex that most of us will feel or have felt throughout our lives!  In fact, anyone that reads this book has probably thought that if they would have known what to do or if someone had told them, life would have turned out differently for them.   Maybe, we can still learn from our own experiences or theirs.

This is not a fiction novel. It isn’t really a “self-help” book. Who knows? Maybe this could prove to be an epiphany for some or just the soul/body-searching, kick in the butt you might need or might be looking for and don’t want to admit you need. Or… to open your eyes or maybe just to say “yeah, I’ve been there” or… decide that it isn’t worth fighting for anymore. How many of you have mistaken sex for love or vice versa? I could be the “Queen” of some of these mistakes.

Thank you for visiting and I truly hope that you will enjoy the book.